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The solution to many policy problems isn’t always a new trial. Very often it is a product or service.

That’s why we created BITx, our product development arm. We use behavioural insights to design and build scalable products and services with social impact.



Networky is an online buddy system where attendees are paired and chat prior to an event. People are more likely to take part in an activity if they know someone else who is doing it, and when they know what to expect.

By connecting people prior to events, Networky aims to help bolster people’s social capital, decrease anxiety and increase turn-up rate.


Predictiv is a new online rapid research platform designed by behavioural scientists to test what works when it comes to changing behaviour. The Predictiv platform quantitatively tests the effectiveness of communications, new products, policies and initiatives using real participants in an online environment.

Predictiv aims to help organisations to enable their users and customers make better, smarter decisions for themselves.


Promptable is a student support programme which has been proven to improve educational attendance and attainment. It works by sending students a personalised programme of weekly text reminders and study tips written by our team of behavioural scientists.

We’ve deployed Promptable across 100 UK educational institutions, helping over 10,000 students reach their academic goals.


Tig aims to improve the learning development of pre-school children by providing parents with simple tips for activities to do at home via the Tig App.

All of Tigs tips align with everyday activities like doing the laundry or getting ready for bed. The activities have been designed in collaboration with early years researchers with the aim of building children’s early reading, speaking, maths and socio-emotional development.


Applied is an online recruitment platform designed to allow teams to measure candidates on what actually matters.

Applied helps organisations hire the best person for the job regardless of their background by assessing a candidates ability to actually do the job at hand.


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